OC Mashups & Barley Forge Homebrew Competition

OC Mashups is proud to be the sole source for Barley Forge’s entry into the Great American Beer Festival’s Professional/Amateur Competition.  OC Mashups has decided to choose the best beer amongst it’s members through a local competition.  So join in today, win, and have your beer entered at GABF!

Quick Date Guide

Fill out the Online Form by May 12th

Send in your entries to Barley Forge between May 19th & May 26th

Attend the June Club Meeting for results


AHA website
BJCP 2015 Style Guidelines
Online Entry Form
Competition Labels


All beer entered must be developed by homebrewers, on a homebrew system. No individuals belonging to a professional brewing agency many enter.  Previous winning beer entries from any Orange County Mash Ups Competition within the last 12 months, or minor variations of, are not allowed.  Previous winning entrants may enter the competition using a different brew recipe.  In the event that a beer is judged by the competition organizers, staff, or Beer Judges as too similar to a previous entry, recipes will be compared to confirm eligibility.  In the event that recipes are not available, the beer will be disqualified.   Entries must be entered under the name of the person(s) entering it.  Do not use a business or fictitious name.

Entrants must be a paid Grist member as well as an AHA member at the time of entry.  AHA memberships are available on the AHA website. If you are not a Grist member, please sign up today!


Barley Forge is planning to enter in the Great American Beer Festival’s Professional/Amateur Competition.  Homebrewer’s should be thoughtful of the commercial scale brewing process and understand that production timelines and ingredient availability may impact Barley Forge’s selection.  In example, an Imperial Stout might be judged to take too long to ferment, and won’t be chosen.  Or, a beer containing a wild ingredient that’s hard to find might be skipped over due to production cost.

In addition, homebrewer’s should consider that the scale of the Pro-Am competition is much larger than the Orange County Mash Ups competitions.  Choosing styles that are smaller and less known may perform better in the competition.


Paid Grist Members are eligible to submit one free entry.  Additional entry, up to two (2) (for a total of three (3)), cost $5.00 each.

Entrants must fill out the Online Entry Form no later than May 12th, 2017.  Each online form submission will count as a single entry.  If an entrant enters additional beer without payment, all entries after those paid for will be disqualified.  In addition, if an entrant enters more beer than eligible, additional entries will be disqualified. If at tasting, due to labeling, it is unclear which entry is paid for, all entries considered to be possibly in error will be disqualified.

Submit two (2) 10-ounce to 14-ounce bottles per entry.  Bottles must be free of ink, paint, and labeling other than competition entry labels.  Bottles may not include any identifying marks.  Bottles with raised lettering or logos are acceptable.  Caps with non-identifying logos (for example a hop pellet, American flag, or the Barley Forge logo) are also acceptable.  If any member of the judging panel considers a mark identifying, the entry will be disqualified.  Operator(s) and Judge(s) have final discretion on the determination of identifying marks.  Attach a Competition Label to each bottle with one (1) to two (2) rubber bands.  Do not tape or glue.  Certain entry styles require additional entry information to be properly evaluated.  Refer to the BJCP 2015 Style guidelines for identification.  Do not provide additional details unless prompted to by the BJCP guidelines.

If you have special instructions for the judges (for instance, to roll a bottle before opening) this may be included on the competition label.

All entries must be dropped off at Barley Forge between May 19th and 7 PM, May 26th .  Barley Forge will be unable to receive entries before or after the submission period and entries will be turned away.  Entrants are responsible for the presentation of their bottles and delivery. Barley Forge accepts no liability.


Entries will be judged to the BJCP 2015 Style Guidelines

Excluded styles include the following, with the exception of kettle sours:

  1. American Wild Ale

                28A. Brett Beer

                28B. Mixed-Fermentation Sour Beer

                28C. Wild Specialty Beer


Judges will be BJCP qualified and entries will be judged against the BJCP 2015 Style Guidelines. Judges have the power to disqualify an entry at any time.


Results will be announced at the May 2017 homebrew meeting.  Judging forms will be distributed at that time.  The “Best in Show” winner will be eligible to, at Barley Forge’s discretion, work with Barley Forge in the 2017 Pro/Am Competition.  If the “Best in Show” winner is unavailable or unable to do so, a backup will be selected.  Barley Forge has final discretion on selection of recipe and formulation.

For additional information & questions, please contact vp@ocmashups.org